Planning a Corporate Luncheon

It is a daunting task to be the one in charge of planning and organizing a corporate luncheon. It requires that many aspects be taken into consideration, a sound game plan, and nerves of steel to execute each task flawlessly. Organizing such an event can seem quite overwhelming, not to mention the pressure of making a good impression on the people who will be attending.

Corporate Luncheon Miami, FloridaFortunately, Boca Joe’s catering is fully equipped and well experienced with rising to the challenges of planning corporate luncheons and relieving some of the pressure.

Boca Joe’s has served south Florida businesses for over 30 years with unrivaled customer service, knowledgeable staff, and our eclectic menu. Our experience and expertise mean you can let us do all the heavy lifting for your next corporate event with confidence and ease.

When you plan a corporate luncheon, it is important to ensure that your colleagues have the best time possible, which means you really have to have a well-thought-out plan starting with a budget. Of course, you don’t want your colleagues or employees to feel like you cut corners or tightened the purse strings too tightly, but you also don’t want to break the bank. Some may find it easier to organize such an event with some sort of spreadsheet or chart that maps out everything you will need in order for the event to be successful.

This can help outline how much everything will cost, keeping you on track with the budget. After you determine the budget, your next priority should be choosing a reputable and quality catering company. This allows you to offer your guests a quality dining experience without having to go to a restaurant. In addition, having your food delivered and space set up by professionals means you can transport your clients or colleagues without having to leave your event space.

Boca Joe’s successfully serves Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton with an award-winning menu inspired by cuisines from around the globe. Give your guests a lasting impression with a fresh menu from Blackened Tilapia to homemade meatloaf, pork loin Italiano to pulled mojo pork. Whatever palate you are trying to please, our eclectic menu options are sure to make your corporate luncheon a big hit.

So now that the menu is set and the budget is confirmed, you will want to choose the right location. Most office spaces are not ideal for a corporate luncheon, so you will want to pick a place that is convenient for your guests. Most often, the popular choice is large hotels within a central location; they have a lot of experience with accommodating corporate events and working with caterers, which makes everything easier on you and your attendees and the caterers.

If you are looking for quality service, an unbeatable reputation, and an award-winning menu for your next corporate luncheon in the South Florida area, Boca Joe’s catering is hands down the best in town.